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  • High School Sports
    9 galleries
    Vermont High school sports photography by Vermont sports photographer Brian Jenkins.
  • University of Vermont Athletics
    13 galleries
    Currently Brian is the team photographer for the University of Vermont athletic department covering all the university's sports teams. Brian has worked closely with the university to provide photography for media guides, ads, promotions, print sales and documenting the school's athletic history.
  • Live Music
    176 galleries
    This is a collection of live music photography by 3rd Stone Images. 3rd Stone Images is the photography work by Brian Jenkins. Brian is the house photographer for Nectar's and Club Metronome and is based in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Live at Nectars
    79 galleries
  • Weddings
    7 galleries
  • Youth Sports
    3 galleries
  • Studio Session
    10 galleries
  • Photo Booth
    6 galleries
  • NHL
    16 galleries
  • Sports
    6 galleries
  • Music
    4 galleries
  • Portraits
    3 galleries